17 May 2013

Park Meadows Mall, Lone Tree, CO

Mart Gallery

Park Meadows Mall is another shopping center in which I never stepped foot. I picked up this mallmanac at the Denver International Airport, on the same trip where I also found the brochure for Cherry Creek Center. I like the mall's layout and it seems to have a solid repertoire of retail, but I do question the choice of cover photo; a foot and a ball? What audience are they trying to target? Folks going to Nordstrom already have shoes and are just going to drop some cash on a few more pairs.

Park Meadows Mall Mallmanac, ca. 2000. View the full PDF version here.

Park Meadows Mall opened in the Denver suburb of Lone Tree in 1996. At its debut it was the largest mall in the greater area. Its initial anchors were Dillard's, JCPenney and the state's first Nordstrom. A year later, Joslins and Foley's opened. Today, Foleys is branded as Macy's while the Joslins space was occupied by Lord & Taylor after the former's departure. When that store closed due to Lord & Taylor's retrenchment to the Northeast, the structure was demolished.

Park Meadows Mall as of this writing.

On the pad that once house Lord & Taylor, an outdoor promenade of shops was built. On the second tier overlooking this open-air portion, leasable area was created for to house a junior anchor. This space belonged Borders until their liquidation and now is home to Forever 21.

Park Meadow Mall's official website