17 May 2013

Haywood Mall, Greenville, SC

An extant asset

Haywood Mall is big. It's far from the biggest mall that I've ever seen, but really, that's just about all I remember of the place. It's hugeness. The interior design was rather monotonous, and this monotony was only amplified by its sheer bigness. In all actuality, I was quite a bit more fascinated by the look of the nearby Bell Tower Mall, a first generation complex which had, by then, been converted to office space. But the 1.3 million square foot Haywood Mall, the state's largest, just didn't make that much of an impression on me. It made even less of an impact than the quirky Greenville Mall. It was just big. Oh, and they had mallmanacs.

Haywood Mall Mallmanac, ca. 1997. View the full PDF version here.

Much like Huntsville, Greenville was home to quite a few smaller enclosed facilities when Haywood opened in 1980. It coexisted with the city's other shopping centers until 1995 when Dillard's and a new wing were added, bringing the place up to its present size. This glut of retail space was soon filled with tenants' moving from the other centers, effectively consolidating the bulk of the city's retail into one place, leaving Greenville's retail selection as homogenous as the city itself.

L- Haywood Mall in the nineties just after the expansion. R- Haywood Mall as of this writing.

Haywood Mall's official website

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