23 May 2013

Apple Blossom Mall, Winchester, VA

An extant asset

26 December 2021
13 March 2022

Apple Blossom Mall is another one of those retail destinations that I've never had the pleasure of viewing in person. I picked up this mallmanac in a western Virginia visitors' center sometime in the late eighties. As far as buildings of my own design go, I'm a stickler for clean lines and standard flections, however the layout of this structure has always fascinated me. At a time when enclosed facilities rarely deviated from the basic dumbbell, L angled or cross templates, this one had an abundance of odd corners and an overall unconventional footprint. It seemed to be a unique little place.

Apple Blossom Mall Mallmanac, ca. 1987. View the full PDF version here.

Apple Blossom Mall opened in 1982 in the small northwestern Virginia town of Winchester. JCPenney, Leggett and Sears served as the opening anchors with a small six screen Manos Cinema placed near the main entrance. Very little has changed during the three decades of the mall's existence, except that the Leggett is presently Belk and the cinemas are now operated by Eastwynn.

-UPDATE- Apple Blossom Mall lease plan ca. 2011.  View the full PDF version here.

Simon, the mall's owner, announced a "lifestyle" redevelopment for the site, but no plans were ever finalized nor any work ever carried out, leaving the mall to remain in its traditional, enclosed state. The owners are presently investing in an extensive renovation for the Apple Blossom Mall, so, hopefully, this is a positive indication that Simon has some faith in the viability of the complex in its extant format.

-UPDATE- Apple Blossom Mall lease plan ca. 2021.  View the full PDF version here.

Apple Blossom Mall's official website

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