11 January 2022

Copley Place, Boston, MA

 An extant asset

The Boston Marriott Copley Place (Center) viewed during a walk past Titus Sparrow Park.

My first trip to Boston was for my birthday in February of 2017.  Being quite aware of how northeastern winters can be, I packed plenty of sweaters and long-johns.  But, to everyone's delight, Boston just happened to be going through record warm temperatures. One day the temperature even got all the way up to 80.  It was the warmest February day in the city's history and I found myself having to acquire more summertime appropriate attire on the fly.  Luckily, from my hotel in Boston Common, I was just a short walk away from The Prudential Center, Cambridgeside Galleria and Copley Place.

Copley Place Lease Plan, ca. 2011.  View the full PDF here.

Copley Place is located in the Back Bay area catty-cornered from and connected to The Prudential Center via a long skywalk.  Anchored by Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, it is considered the premiere fashion center of downtown.  My visit was in the midst of an extensive renovation, and I was lucky to see some of the dark tile and brass fixtures of the décor from a bygone era before it was stripped away.

The dark colors of the main entrance off of Stuart just before the mall's renovation.

Copley Place was built in 1983 as part of one of Boston's largest (at the time) urban mixed-use projects.  Besides Saks and Neiman's, it opened with additional anchor Barney's New York.  Two hotels, a Marriott and a Westin, are located on premises as well as numerous offices.  All of this is served by the Back Bay station on the orange line. 

Copley Place's concourses during the 2017 renovation.

Copley Place remains the home of many of Boston's highest end shops and continues to do brisk business.  Let's hope this keeps up and the facility bucks the trend of so many other downtown shopping malls.

Copley Place Mallmanac, ca. 2017.  View the full PDF here.
-UPDATE- Copley Place lease plan, ca. 2021.  View the full PDF here.

Copley Place's Official Website

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