11 January 2022

Brookwood Village, Homewood, AL

 A dead mall

I always liked Brookwood Village.  It was never convenient enough for me to visit on a regular basis, but I like the fact that there was this unexpected little place tucked away in Homewood somewhere in suburbia between the Riverchase Galleria and Century Plaza.  It was two levels, but really only in the center.  Each wing was only a top level with covered parking beneath.  I always admired weirdly designed gems like this.

Shots of Brookwood Village around the time of its opening. (Source)

Brookwood Village first opened its doors in 1973 in a largely residential area of Birmingham suburb Homewood.  Rich's was the anchor to the east and Pizitz was the anchor to the west of the straight-line concourse.  In the middle was a two story atrium which contained a fountain with tree like sprayers.  This was, of course, removed during the mall's first remodel in the late eighties.

Brookwood Village pamphlet, ca. 2011.  View the full PDF version here.

Colonial Properties took over the shopping center in 1997 and renamed it Colonial Brookwood Village.  They embarked on an extensive renovation, increasing the center to over 750,000 square feet.  In 2001, the work was complete and a new line of outdoor facing shops framing the central area of the mall opened.  

Brookwood Village just after the 2001 renovation.

Over the decades of the mall's life, Pizitz first became McRae's then Parisian before finally becoming a Belk, ultimately closing in 2018.  The Rich's was first rebranded as Rich's-Macy's then only Macy's.  This location closed in 2022.  Between the two closings, the interior of the rest of the mall accelerated in number of vacancies.

Brookwood Village Mallmanac, ca. 2016.  View the full PDF version here.

Brookwood Village, as much as I loved it, has unfortunately been deemed redundant.  I love that it outlasted competitors Century Plaza and Eastwood Mall, and even lived long enough to witness the decline of Riverchase.  The world needs more cool little places like this, and when it finally meets the wrecking ball it will be a sad day.

Brookwood Village on Wikipedia

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