28 April 2013

Florence Mall, Florence, KY

An extant asset

-UPDATE-  (Source)

Cincinnati has always been a favorite of mine. It's got that older, midwestern charm while having a bit of a southern influence. And years of working for both Mesaba Airlines (as Northwest Airlink) and Delta Air Lines have meant that I flew through and stayed in the area quite a bit.

-UPDATE-  1 & 2- Florence Mall’s original interior. (Source for both)  3- The mall’s exterior not long after opening.  (Source)  4- Florence Mall’s interior as of this writing.  (Source)

Cincinnati's airport isn't contiguous to the city nor is even located in the same state. It's right across the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky, just to the north of the suburb of Florence. When landing into Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, we'd fly directly over the bedroom community. But two things really stuck out as we descended toward short final. One was the rather large horse racing track. The other was the Florence Mall.

Florence Mall Mallmanac ca. 1998. View the full PDF version here.

Whenever I had the pleasure of staying in the Cincinnati area it was for business, so I never got the chance to step foot inside the building. But I did drive by it a few times. It looked like your basic seventies double deck facility built on one-time exurban land directly under the final approach to CVG (the airport.) It wasn't remarkable or memorable in any way but seemed rather popular. Best part, I was able to get my hands on one of their mallmanacs.

-UPDATE-  Florence Mall lease plan ca. 2002. View the full PDF version here.

Florence Mall opened in 1976, but throughout its history, its own popularity has both been sustained and overshadowed by that of the Florence Water Tower (Florence Y'all) located between the mall and the interstate. It seems not to have had much in the way of expansions throughout the years and looks to have been left with a rather bland anchor lineup of Sears, JCPenney and Macy's x2. But it chugs on, doing a better job of surviving than the airport it sits next to and one of the airlines that I used to work for.

-UPDATE-  Florence Mall lease plan ca. 2011. View the full PDF version here.

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