20 April 2013

Cherry Creek Center, Cherry Creek, CO

An extant asset

This is one of those mallmanacs for a shopping mall I’ve never been to, nor will probably ever go to. I was passing through the Denver International Airport in 2000 when I picked up this mall map for the upscale Cherry Creek Center off of one of the many tourist brochure racks underneath the white tents of the main terminal, the same place where I collected the pamphlet for Park Meadows Mall.

Cherry Creek Mallmanac ca. 2000. View the full PDF version here.

A Taubman center, Cherry Creek Center opened its doors in 1990 with anchors May D&F, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Lord & Taylor. Neiman Marcus joined the other anchors and the mall's 160 stores the following year. In 2005, as Lord & Taylor pulled out of all of their locations not in the northeast, their vacant space was enlarged and taken over by Nordstrom in 2007. Even with the closing of Saks Fifth Avenue in 2011, the facility is still regarded as one of Colorado's first rate shopping malls. No future proposals have been made for the former Saks space.

Cherry Creek Center as of this writing.

Cherry Creek Center's official website