12 December 2021

Selma Mall, Selma, AL

A relic of retail

Selma has had quite the dynamic past. It played an important role as a trading center in the Pre-Civil War era before playing host to the eponymous battle that was one of the most important in the war between the states. Fifty years ago, they were one of the most important centers during the civil rights movement. As the hub of commerce in the largely impoverished and rural Black Belt region of Alabama, in 1971 it became to one of the state’s earliest indoor shopping centers.

1- Selma Mall in the early aughts.  2- Selma Mall in the early 2010s.

Selma mall opened in 1971 on the northern outskirts of the city.  The bar bell shaped center was bookended by Sears to the east and Britt's to the west.  Later, a little anchor shuffling left McRae's to the east and JCPenney to the west.  Later on, McRae's would become Belk and JCPenney closed.

Selma Mall Mallmanac, ca. 2012. View the full PDF version here.

The mall mirrors Selma's status as the fastest shrinking city in Alabama.  Though Belk holds on, it seems inevitable that this old place will one day meet the fate of most other mall town indoor shopping malls.

Selma Mall Official Website

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