03 February 2015

Salem Center, Salem, OR

An extant asset

The Mart Gallery posts will feature facilities where I’ve never been and for which I do not own a mallmanac. Despite having no personal connection to these centers, I’ve always found their footprints to be of interest. That being said, I won’t have a lot to say on an anecdotal level about these malls, so I’ll just let their designs speak for themselves.

L- Salem Center Lease Plan, ca. 2002. View the full PDF version here.
M/R- Salem Center First and Second Level Lease Plans, ca. 2011. View the full PDF version here.

I have a certain affinity for city center shopping malls. Sure, in places like here in Seattle with Pacific Place as well as in Chicago with Water Tower Place, we have the population density to assure their success. But even in other larger cities like Saint Louis with the Saint Louis Centre and Sacramento's Downtown Plaza, just being a bigger city does not guarantee profits. That's why I especially love smaller city retail facilities like that of the capital of Oregon's Salem Center. It grew up around a Meier & Frank store, expanding with skywalks over streets and with enclosed concourses to bring us to the quite accomplished destination that we see today.

Salem Center in the early 2000s.

Opening Date- 1979
Gross Leasable Area- 650,000 square feet
Tiers- Two
Anchors- Four
Spaces- 80

Salem Center Lease Plan, ca. 2015. View the full PDF version here.

Owner- Jones Lang LaSalle
Location- 401 Center Street NE
Online- Official Website

Salem Center as of this writing.

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